Many people, fans primarily, have been looking with a critical eye at the upcoming in April Tomb Raider movie. For many others, what’s not known, is that the game is based on the video game reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. The game that the movie is based on is Tomb Raider [from 2013]. The second movie trailer compared to the first is by far much better executed. Personally, it hyped me much more, and I see people’s feedback around the internet to be the same.

However, let me get back to the everlasting war between movie adaptations and the source, be it books, or in our case a video game. Yes, it does not present the game to its fullest, yes, the story has been altered, yes, some characters are missing. But those arguing that, are generally people who are coming from the franchise, be it either longtime fans or people who have just played Tomb Raider [2013].

Let me ask you to change your perspective. You haven’t heard of Tomb Raider as a video game, you probably vaguely have heard it because of Angelina Jolie. You associate it with the film industry rather than the gaming industry. You might have never heard of Tomb Raider at all. And here comes April of 2018. You see a trailer for the film, your interest is picked. You decide to go watch it. Now, think of the task the scriptwriters and the producers have to present the idea of Tomb Raider to a first-time viewer. There are so many questions. Who is Lara Croft? Where does she come from? What’s the deal with her family? Why does she do this – why does she do that – how is she going to survive, and so on, and so forth. It snowballs bit by bit until you put all the plotholes out of the picture. By answering some questions, the story respectively must be adjusted.

The ability to please everyone is an illusion, and oftentimes people must view things with a leveled head than just from their one perspective. I was a great fan of Angelina Jolie when she played Lara Croft. However, that was that, and this is this. From I’ve seen in the trailer and promotions, I like the attitude Alicia Vikander gives off. As I know that the Tomb Raider community is closely knit, I trust in the producers that they have put enough thought into the story and the execution of the new movie.

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