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In today’s article, we will be discussing the trailer that was recently released for the 2018 Tomb Raider movie. We will be going over what it is, what is shown and what was used to create it. Furthermore, I will be giving my personal opinion on the parts used in the movie as a person that has zero experience in the creation of a trailer. With all this being said, let’s start.

First, I would like to discuss the starting melody of the trailer. Other thаn the melody being overused I would like to go over the discussion that it represents. It shows the story prior to Lara Croft deciding on her path. Here I would like to state that the direction the person chose, the lines used and the scenes shown in my opinion were not well made. For a fan of the series, it just shows a mundane movement through the character development without spring any sort of emotion, while for the people introduced to the story it does not give any information.

This results in one emotionless start for the trailer, which can easily be associated with the movie at a later stage during watching it or immediately as we can already see a backlash from the fans about the movie in the various forums. The emotion given in a trailer is extremely important both for the first release of the movie, it’s success and the fans of the story. Here I believe they made their first mistake. They failed to provide any emotion at all. It was completely mundane.

At a later time at the trailer, the scenes start to pick up and the story starts to be explained in more details. At that time the Destiny’s child track starts and the enemy introduced. Here is where I think there is an issue, which is not only about the movie but about the games as well. The villains are one dimensional and this can instantly be observed by Lara’s Father message.  

  • There is an organization called Trinity. They want to start a global genocide. You need to stop them.

It’s understandable for a game created in the mid-nineties to have one-dimensional villains. At the time most games were created in this way for simplicity and even today the games often continue to do this, however, I find this a cop-out. This to certain extent is also an issue with Crystal Dynamics when they made the reboot, since they had the perfect opportunity of moving away from those one dimensional villains, into actual people, with well thought out ideology that may have been incorrect or not the right action, but are actually doing something they believe in, instead of just doing it for the sake of being evil. The same can instantly be seen in the trailer and as a result of that, this gives a negative view in my eyes for the whole movie. As a consumer, I greatly dislike one-dimensional characters. I dislike the villain being evil for the sake of evil and the good character that is always good since he is a good character.

At that point, this creates a fairy tale scenario in the mind of the viewers. They know what to expect from the movie. There will be the hero, that will go through multiple challenges to reach his end goal. One of these challenges is kinda hard to beat, but ultimately stupid villain that will make a stupid mistake and most probably reveal his plan to the hero allowing that hero to ultimately stop his plans.

Here is where things start to break down. The music used and the scenes shown are used basically to confirm the above, by showing some of the trials that the hero will have to go through, how evil the evil villain is and that even though he managed to capture the hero, the hero manages to escape. All of this goes on, while in the background you can hear an overused music “I am a survivor!” being performed, giving a direct indication of how it would end. The way things are presented with a slow start into an action-packed cutscene we’ve seen over and over being used by other movies in their trailers. Furthermore, this still fails to build up any emotion in the viewer or doubt as to what would happen. The suspense created is on the same level as if you were watching “Snow White” trailer of Disney and the emotion is the same.

Overall, I do not believe this movie would have great success at the box office or in the future, purely based on the trailer. It was mundanely done, the music was overused in other trailers, the style the trailer was done is like scripted based on other trailers. The only unique thing left is the title of Tomb Raider being put forward and unfortunately, I do not think this would be sufficient.

Nonetheless, I will go to the movie theater and watch it to confirm my suspicions and would like to advise you to do so too.

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