Tomb Raider from A to Z

Tomb Raider from A to Z

A – Artefacts

Lara only plays for sport. Hunting down ancient or mythical artefacts is what draws her to adventures all around the world.

B – Bosses

One thing that reoccurs in every game of the franchise is bosses. Lara always comes face to face with some rival in the race of the artefacts. Currently, she remains undefeated!

C – Caves/caverns

Something that persists in being an archaeologist for Lara are caves. In order to descend and uncover a long-buried relic, she must fight her way through dust, spider webs and darkness.

D – Danger

It would not be an adventure worth going through for Lara if there is no danger accompanying her. May it be traps, free climbing, gods or so forth, it would only be a pleasure for Lara.

E – Egypt

Any little archaeologist looking to be just like Lara when they grow up starts their first step with acquainting themselves with the mythology of Egypt. And what better than to see Lara herself venture through the ancient temples of Egypt, uncovering their secrets!

F – Fire

Fire is the element that sparked civilization (pun intended), and it is a well-known companion of each cave, temple or tomb, proving itself to be part of some elaborate trap or obstacle before Lara.

G – Guns

An accessory that Lara would not go out without. Be it her trusty twin-pistols, a shotgun or maybe a grenade launcher, why not a crossbow with explosive arrows, if you’d fancy, Lara is well versed in the arts of fighting. She won’t hesitate to prove you wrong even with just her fists.

H – Hunting

As the adventure- craving archaeologist Lara is, she needs to have a good sense of finding anything that in her interest – namely any relic or ancient key that has to open that one ancient door that has never been open before. Lara has proven countless times that she is a great hunter, be it of rare breeds such as T-Rexes, but artefacts, too!

I – Infiltration

Somehow, amongst her acrobatic skills, there lies Lara natural instinct to be a good infiltrator. Be it a skyscraper, a fort, or the tombs themselves, Lara has the knack for finding her way in easily. However, her ways out seem to be more with a bang…

J – Jumping

Lara is well trained in the arts of acrobatics too, and in her business of climbing, which proves to be required a lot, the occasions for jumping come in great numbers as well. Be it reaching a ledge or a running jump to a faraway platform, Lara has proven that her jumping distance is greatly honed over the years.

K – Keys

Even though Lara loves infiltrating places, using a key now and again is required. However, don’t think of a key in the general sense. Think bigger. Like ancient, grandiose doors bigger. Such mechanism requires being moved by a multiple part key which could be in really finely shaped artefacts in themselves.

L – Levers

Another addition to the ancient mechanism is levers. I am pretty sure Lara has developed quite the arms muscles from pulling those because trust me, it’s not easy to do it.

M – Myth

One concept that is well introduced in Tomb Raider Legend, is that myths come from some long-forgotten story that has been passed on for so long, that ends up being distorted and you end up getting a fable, or what we called a ‘myth’ nowadays.

N – Notorious

Lara Croft is a name that not only resounds in real life amongst people, be it around the video games or the movies, but also in the universe of Tomb Raider itself. Lara has a well-built reputation, and any rival adventurer or an archaeological professor would concur that they have heard of her.

O – Outfits

Along with her arsenal, Lara is always ready to dress for any occasion. Be it for the freezing weather of Antarctica, the hot weather of the South Pacific, the rainy weather of England, or even her mansion, she is always prepared.

P – Puzzles

Adventures don’t only test Lara’s athletic skills or quick reflexes. The temples and tombs are protected by puzzles that must be solved in order for you to be proven worthy to enter them. Lara is both brains and brawn.

R – Research

As much as Lara loves jumping head first into adventures, as I have mentioned a couple of times above, Lara is always ready for everything. That being said, not only does she prepare her weapons, and equipment, but also her mind. As much as she is a greatly knowledgeable archaeologist, she makes a stop from time to time to gather info on her upcoming destination.

S – Swimming

I have mentioned fire as one of the main elements in the obstacles before Lara, but water is another obstacle that greatly tests her ability to hold her air. It happens now and then that she must swim for quite the lengthy time. Oh, did I mention underwater traps in addition? If Lara has learnt one thing, it’s that if you say ‘It can’t get any worse’ it actually gets worse.

T – Temples

Even though Lara’s hobby seems to be proving quite tedious and dangerous, the places she gets to visit make up for danger. Any game offers a great view the temples or tombs Lara passes through and leaves us daydreaming about visiting them.

U – Unravel

Another side to Lara pastime is that she always finds herself in the middle of a greater plot than just finding that one artefact. Either there’s some villain wanting to exploit the magical powers of an artefact, or she gets in between some locked away god and his desire for world domination. Seems like archaeology isn’t just about unravelling artefacts with her.

V – Views

Even though Lara’s job usually happens inside of tombs, tucked away in caverns or underneath temples, the way there is quite long, and offers quite the breathtaking views itself. Be it nature, a forgotten city or undiscovered ruins, Lara never ceases to have enough of it.

W – Walls

One thing that just might be able to stop Lara are walls. Nonetheless this is an honorable mention as Lara has climbed quite many ladders throughout the franchise. Specifically I’m looking you, ladder, in the level ‘Offshore Rig’ in Tomb Raider 2!

X – Xyresik [Zy-re-sikk] – Means “razor-sharp.”

If I was asked to define Lara in one word, it would be xyresik. She is razor-sharp in wit, athletics, reflexes, and whatever you could possibly think of!

Y – Yeti

Because yeti are a fascinating mythical creature, and because Lara gets to encounter them. What more could you ask for!

Z – Zip-line

Yes, another honorable mention, and yes, they could be more reoccurring than they already. But yes, they are totally a thing in Tomb Raider. The anticipation of where it is leading to, and where will it drop you is quite uplifting!