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Hello, guys and girls and welcome to my next article of the series about Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider realism. Last time we discussed her apparent immortality in the face of blood loss and this time, we will tackle her stamina and physical abilities. For this purpose, we will start by showing a basic inventory content used in the game without going overboard hopefully. Here is a list of the items:

Bow – This is most probably the most complicated one to find. Based on the design from the game, we can determine she is using a “Compound type” bow. I’ve made some research on the matter and the design seems to be the closest to the classic Stinger X – RTS. It goes from 22.6kg(50lb) to 36.3kg(80lb), but for this calculation, we would use the lower category of 22.6kg.

Quiver – The quivers come in many variations, however, the one used by Lara seems to be a classical leather quiver. Unfortunately, I could not find a specific modern design for this quiver or something similar sold at the professional stores due to it being substituted by other alternative materials. Due to this, I will be forced to assume and determine that a quiver that would be made from leather and would hold around 20-25 arrows at a time would be around 0.75kg(1.65lb).

Arrows – This is most probably one of the hardest things to determine, due to the different variety within the game for arrows. From poison to grenade or just regular ones. Due to this, I will go ahead and instead count all of them as normal arrows and just calculate the weight of around 10 grenades later on. However, I cannot overlook the fact that Lara often runs around with 25 arrows, which cannot be held normally in the quiver mentioned above, but for the sake of the calculations, I will overlook this fact and calculate 25 arrows without modifying the quiver. However, there are many different types of “Regular” arrows depending on their place of origin. Due to this, I chose to use 66.8cm long arrows. The weight is usually 26gr with up to 5 grams of metal for the iron cladding. We will say that the arrow would be around 30g. However, 25 arrows would make around 3kg even under those conditions.

Rope – The rope used by Lara seems to be a sturdy climbing rope from the model used a few years ago. This rope is relatively light, however, the reason they were thrown aside is due to them easily absorbing liquids causing them to get heavier in raining weather. Due to this, instead of the modern 62grams per meter ropes designed to be lighter and not absorb that liquid and due to insufficient information about the size of the rope, I decided to call it a split and use 100grams of 10 meters rope for a total of 1kg(2.2pounds) although most probably the rope in question would be better 3-4kg(6.6-8.8 pounds).

Shotgun Shell – The regular round in a shotgun weights around 38g~, however, there is a high variety, since the weight depends on the exact barrel and model of the shotgun itself and the weight of the content of the round itself. Due to this, I will go for this calculation with the 35g instead and count a total of 25 rounds that Lara carries. This amounts to 875g or 1.925lb.

Medkit – Medkit is a peculiar item that similar to the quiver cannot have an exact weight determined for it. However, we can assume what the content of this medkit would be and based on that, we can determine it’s weight with its contents. I’ve made some investigation and the most basic setup you would need is antibiotics, something to clean the wound, bandages, gloves to wear for the cleaning and tape. This made my calculations go to around 150g or 0.360lb.

Rifle Ammunitions – Following the example of the shotgun shell, however increasing the amount of ammunition, we can determine that 1 round would be around 480g. However, Lara would most probably carry 5-8 of those so we can go to around 3kg(6.6lb) as an estimate.

Pistol Ammunition – A regular revolver’s round is 16g, so around 60 of those would be around 0.960kg(2.112lb).

Small oil flask (500ml) – Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of information about the exact substance of the bottles, other than oil flask, so I had to use the regular petroleum for this calculation. 500ml of petroleum would be around 0.440kg, so with the bottle, we can round it to 0.5kg(1.1lb).

Large Oil flask (1.5L) – As per the last one, we can determine that this would be around 1.5kg(3.3lb).

Combat Knife – The combat knives have a high variety as well, however, the regular Garber knife is around 0.5kg(1.1lb)

Rebreather – The most basic rebreathers weight between 0.350-0.500kg. For this calculation, I would go with a simple 0.5kg(1.1lb)

Broadhead Arrow blades – The arrow blades have a very different weight, but usually go around 6.5g per arrowhead. 100 arrows would make that into 0.650kg(1.430lb)

Ascender – The ascender gear is pretty wildly spread in regards to climbing, due to the ease of use and the better grip over the rope. Most ascender gear is around 0.165kg per hand, or 0.330kg(0.726lb)

Lockpick instruments – The lockpick instruments come in a wild variety, however, the very basics is a 5 piece instrument for picking locks, which would weight around 100grams(0.22lb)

Grenades – The regular hand grenades used by the military forces weight around 0.180kg(0.396lb) each. Assuming that Lara carries 5 to 6 of those would result in around 1kg(2.2lb) extra weight added to her.

Semi-auto Pistol – After some search online, I managed to find a similar, but not the same design semi-automatic pistol at 1.162kg(2.56lb)

Assault Rifle – The Assault rifle used for this calculation would be an AK-47 type sitting at 3.99kg(8.778lb)

Pump-Action Shotgun – Similar to how the Assault Rifle and Pistol goes, the closest model I could find online sits at 3.1kg(6.82lb)

The total weight of all the above-mentioned items would result in 46.586kg(102.4893lb). This weight on it’s own does not exceed by much the usual military level gear. For example, the US army soldiers are trained to carry 40.9kg(90lb) of military gear during their operations, so even if we add some additional items to the weight list of Lara, as long as she would have high-intensity physical training, she would be able to carry this amount of weight on her back, however it must be said that even the professionally trained army has restricted amount of movement and stamina due to this amount of weight, while Lara seems to be capable of performing the most amazing physical and dexterous feats, that even a trained person without any weight would not be able to complete. This would mean that Lara’s strength and dexterity is so great that she would not even feel this amount of weight slowing her down.

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