Here are tips given by Arne Oehme, Level Design Director at Eidos-Montréal on how to achieve 100% completion on Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

  1. Hidden Challenges
    • Look for areas or elements that stand out of the environment.
  2. Hidden Caches
    • They glow from a distance.
    • Spaces containing them are usually off the main path.
  3. Hidden Content
    • Always look around when you reach a new area.
    • It could be in the opposite direction of where you are headed.
  4. Equipment
    • There is equipment necessary in order to interact when certain objects – like chests or gates.
    • For example Lockpick or Rope Ascender.
    • Buy them as early as possible.
  5. Challenge Tombs
    • There are environmental hints that point towards Challenge Tombs, so look around. They are yellow markings and skulls.
    • The User Interface will also prompt you that there is a Tomb nearby.
  6. How to Find content more easily
    • The Seeker skill tree is concentrated into exploration gameplay.
    • If you play on Hard Difficulty, this tree also gives you some of your Survival Instincts, without compromising your Achievement to pass the game on Hard.
  7. Crypts
    • The User Interface will be prompted that you’ve discovered a Crypt.
  8. Monoliths
    • Decipher Monolith in order to raise your Level in a specific language.
    • Once you have the necessary proficiency in the language, you will find out the places of resource caches.
  9. Secrets
    • During the Main Story you may, for example, have to pass quickly through certain areas and not be able to explore them thoroughly. Through following the Main Story you will have the chance to return to certain areas, thus having the time to re-explore them. Take your time.
  10. Resources
    • Some resources can be found in any environment.
    • Other resources can be found only in certain areas. For example, the perception-bound herbs can be found in trees.
  11. Animal Hides
    • Certain animals can be found only in certain areas.
    • In order to craft Rare Hides, try to remain in a hunting area for a longer time, and you might run into rare animal species.
  12. Side Missions
    • When exploring a city, try to talk with everyone.
    • Locals can give you information on where to find resources, challenges, or even Tombs.
    • Watch out for events in the villages. They will unlock a chain of activities for Lara, which would not only yield rewards but also expand the lore of the story.
  13. Fast Travel
    • When you discover a campfire, it is advisable to light it up, in order to be able to backtrack more easily in the environment.
  14. Merchants
    • Merchants sell items which allows you to track what resources you need in order to buy them.
  15. Rare Collectibles
    • Some collectibles you see around the world could lead to another one. For example, you see a piece of wood resource, and next to it there is a Document you can pick up, too.
  16. Explorer Backpacks/Archivist Maps
    1. Explorer Backpacks, or Archivist Maps, contain a Map update that would mark points of interest, which makes easier to discover Crypts, Treasure Chests, and Survival Caches.

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