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Jaqueline Natla

Natla was one of the three legendary Rulers of Atlantis, along with Tihocan and Qualopec. Together they created the Scion, a device of immeasurable power. This device was split into three parts, one for each of the rulers, representing the ruling structure that Atlantis was governed by.

Natla abused this power, however, using the Scion to experiment in genetic engineering and create a new, improved race of Atlanteans. When they learned of this, Tihocan and Qualopec sentenced Natla to eternal imprisonment, freezing her and then burying her in present day New Mexico.

Larson Conway

Larson was a former Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, having served several years in Special Operations. His career as a Marine ended abruptly when he was dishonourably discharged after he had a violent disagreement with a commanding officer, the details of which were never made public. After serving time in a military prison, Larson used his military experience to good effect, serving as a freelance Private Military Contractor and gaining a favourable reputation across the globe.
In Tomb Raider Chronicles he works with Peirre DuPont in order to obtain an artifact.
In Tomb Raider 1/Anniversary he has accepted a contract from Natla and meets Lara.

Pierre DuPont

According to the bio pages in Anniversary, Pierre is one of Lara's rivals in the field of Archeology, and pursues fame like none other. Much like Lara, Pierre DuPont is frequently credited with major archaeological finds but also accused of tampering with the sites before informing others of the finds. While he presents himself as a professional, consummate archaeologist, the affluent and rich know him for what he really is: a treasure hunter with a talent for getting what people want--for a price. He has no true passion for discovering the histories of past civilizations or solving the mysteries of history and raids tombs only for profit, selling priceless artifacts illegally to the highest bidder.

Marco Bartoli

Marco Bartoli is the leader of the Fiamma Nera( it. Black Flame) whose goal is to continue his father's search for the Dagger of Xian. His predecessor, Gianni Bartoli, forms the Fiamma Nera cult in order to find the dagger, believing in its great powers. Later, after his father's death, Marco inherits the cult and continues his legacy.

Brother Chan Barkhang

For generations, the sacred order of the Barkhang monks have kept the secrets of the dagger confined within their Tibetan monastery. The tombs beneath this ancient structure hold a keystone called the Talion. Marco Bartoli kidnapped Brother Chan Barkhang and sent his gang to Tibet in order to recover it. After telling Lara of the Talion, Brother Chan is shot dead by Bartoli.


Under orders of Dr. Willard, an exploration party was sent into the forests of India to recover the ancient Infada stone. However, one of the team members, Tony, experienced jungle fever and went insane. He left his team members, Randy and Rory, for dead (their mutilated bodies are seen in the Temple Ruins level) and took the Infada stone for himself. Lara is forced to deal with him before he causes more havoc. He is the boss in the India section levels.

Dr. Mark Willard

A Scottish, seemingly friendly archaeological researcher, Willard is the head of RX Tech, an excavation crew digging near the meteor crater of Antarctica. He showed an unusual interest in the continent's history, and its relation to four stones that were taken from there decades ago. After a coincidental meeting in India, Lara agrees to work for him. Later on in the game, his true intentions for the artefacts are revealed.

Sophia Leigh

A businesswoman who has a beauty product company. Sophia is obsessed with everlasting beauty, and her company is rumoured to experiment with illegal substances. She holds the artifact Lara is after and is the boss of the London section levels.

Werner Von Croy

Lara's mentor.
He is Lara's guide in Cambodia when she is 16. They race for the Iris and trying to take it, he is entombed; Lara escapes leaving him for dead.
Years later she encounters him in Egypt as she has acquired the Amulet of Seth, which he pursues. Werner manages to take it and therefore becomes possessed. Later in the game, Lara takes it back from him and traps him. In the final cinematic, he appears to Lara's help but invain. Believing Lara is dead for good, inside a pyramid, he mourns.

Charles Kane (formerly named Jean-Yves*)

An archaeologist residing in Alexandria. A good from of Lara, too, she appeals to him for information on Seth and Horus's armour; he proves a great help.

*In 2001 the real-life French archaeologist Jean-Yves Empereur - who just like the fictional Jean-Yves performed digs in Alexandria, searching for the Lighthouse of Alexandria - contacted the publisher Eidos, because he felt that his name was used without his consent. Even though Eidos claimed that this was coincidental, they apologized and stopped using the name Jean-Yeas, changing the character's name to Charles Kane for the upcoming Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Pierre DuPont

Occurring before his encounter with Lara in the first game he is out on the streets of Rome looking for the Philosopher's Stone, but he intends to let Lara do the dirty work for him.

Larson Conway

Before encountering Lara in the first game Larson met Lara in Rome, where he works with Pierre against her.


Tough street upbringing, showed unusually high level of intelligence in computing. Youngest ever employee of Von Croy Industries, although his computing interests weren't always appreciated by the US government, hacking regularly into the FBI networks just because he could! Unfortunately this pastime led to his being the youngest ever ex-employee of VCI. Set up his own surveillance company and as a disgruntled ex-employee of VCI jumped at the chance of working with Lara.

Father Bram Patrick Dunstan

One of the three friends gathered at Croft Manor, Father Dunstan has known Lara since she was a teenager. At that time, he was involved in a dangerous exorcism on the Black Isle.

Pieter Van Eckhardt

An alchemist born in the 1300s seeking the power of an ancient angelic race called the Nephilim as he met the sole survivor of the Nephilim bloodline who granted him immortality in return. He formed the Cabal and prepared for the race's resurrection. In opposition, an order of monks was formed called 'Lux Veritatis'( lt. Light of Truth) in order to stop him. They used the Periapt Shards, weapons of light who could oppose the Nephilim, against Eckhardt and imprisoned him in the order's HQ - Castle Kriegler, for 500 years. In 1945, during bombing over the castle, one of the shards separated from the others and thus freeing Eckhardt. He swore he would take revenge on Lux Veritatis and continue his plan and so, he revived The Cabal.

Kurtis Trent

The second playable character, Kurtis Trent is looking to avenge the death of his father, Konstantin, grand master of the Lux Veritatis. Kurtis is the last of this enigmatic order. He is an ex-Legionnaire and also an experienced warrior with limited occult abilities. From the age of three, he was trained as an initiate in an ancient order called the Lux Veritatis by his father. At the age of 19, however, he disappeared to join the Foreign Legion and changed his surname to Trent. Here, he adopted the nickname 'Demon Hunter' after being constantly assaulted by bizarre events linked to the occult. He left the Foreign Legion in 1996, and began freelancing with a variety of mercenary and semi-legal agencies under the direction of Marten Gunderson.

In 2001, just before the events of Angel of Darkness, his father is murdered by Eckhardt. It is here that Kurtis takes on his father's role as the last surviving member of the Order. He is now on a quest for revenge against those that wiped out the Order and killed his father.

Marten Gunderson

Marten Gunderson was a veteran soldier who fought battles in areas of great conflict before he became the leader of a clandestine organisation known as "The Agency" - a very thinly veiled mercenary recruitment company providing anything from the most basic provision of security to an all-out specialist invasion force. A forces provider for anything from basic security to invasions. He works for Pieter Van Eckhardt and leading the siege at the Louvre.

Joachim Karel

A corporate mastermind based in Paris, investing in Cabal and recruitment whilst protecting their interests worldwide. Karel explains to Lara that he has actually been helping her through Paris and Prague, although this is not very clear during the earlier stages of the game. He then reveals himself as the last living Nephilim on earth and had been manipulating Eckhardt all along to gain access to the Sleeper in an attmept to revive the Nephilim race. He also changes his appearance many times during the final few cutscenes: shifting into Louis Bouchard, Thomas Luddick and Lara's game companion Kurtis Trent.

Thomas Luddick

A journalist in Prague. He gave information about the Cabal and a Strahov Fortress security pass to Lara Croft. He is killed by Pieter Van Eckhardt.

Louis Bouchard

A man involved in dark dealings in the Parisian underworld. He is the owner of the nightclub 'Le Serpent Rouge', currently closed due to a number of deaths among the staff, and is believed to be linked to The Monstrum.

Winston Smith

Winston is Lara's butler, and he has served the Crofts for most of his life. He's calm, sophisticated, unflappable, and knows more about Lara and her doings than anyone. He worries about her but he knows how capable she is, and he does nothing to dissuade her from her life's pursuit, and indeed he's just as willing to fetch 9mm ammunition as he is to set out tea service, and he will even toss a few spare ammo clips into her bag without her asking.


Zip is the tech guy of Lara's team, responsible for providing technical and logistical support for Lara's endeavors worldwide - he's the guy in the van or the server room at Lara's Mansion, and Lara's constant remote companion via radio headset. A wisecracking guy who's part ultra-techno-geek and part street savvy. He used to be over the top, but a few years in prison toned him down a notch and increased his resentment towards all things establishment. A former computer hacker, he works with Lara for the challenge and the thrill of it. He's personally loyal to Lara, and it really is the most fun he can have without getting arrested.

Alister Fletcher

Alister Fletcher is Lara's research assistant and a repository for a fantastic array of detailed historical information.

He confines his researches to libraries and museums, however, concentrating on understanding and explaining what has already been found, as opposed to Lara's search for new artifacts.

He's a 15th-year doctoral student at Oxford and hasn't received his doctorate because his belief that everything is connected to everything else makes it impossible for him to draw the boundaries required to finish his dissertation.

In the game, he mostly appears talking to Lara through her earpiece, doing the research necessary to inform Lara on the spot. He is squeamish at times, for example when Lara has to stand on a floating coffin in England or when she narrowly grabs onto a crumbling ice ledge. He can also be heard bickering constantly with Zip.

Amelia Croft

Lady Amelia Croft, the Countess of Abbingdon, was the wife of Lord Richard Croft, and the mother of Lara Croft.

After surviving the crash with her daughter, Amelia mysteriously disappears in an incident in a Himalayan temple and is presumed dead. The lingering mystery surrounding her disappearance motivates Lara to search for answers. Amanda reveals she is currently in Avalon.

Amanda Evert

On the outside, Amanda Evert was a graduate student of social anthropology; on the inside, she was an intense chronicler of the metaphysical. She believed wholeheartedly that the common notion of reality is nothing but a thin, drab layer pulled over the infinite truth of the soul. She studied every religious and mystical system in the world, past and present, and while still at university was already something of an expert on theology and mysticism. She had a pet theory that fragments of a single, long forgotten mystical belief system exist within the rites and rituals of shamanism, witchcraft and many religions. Her dream was to rediscover this supreme knowledge from the past and teach it to people so they could gain spiritual enlightenment. At the time it seemed more like a youthful dalliance than a true obsession; something Lara considered harmless. She was undoubtedly comfortable with exploring beyond the boundaries of scientific inquiry, but she was also a brilliant researcher who was still in touch with the modern world. She was young, a bit bookish, not too self-confident, and a bit of a hippy. Her relationship with Lara is typified by playful philosophical banter; they disagreed, but they crossed intellectual swords without becoming exasperated or angry at the others' firm viewpoint.

Then one day in Peru, while excavating a tomb Lara believed contained the last queen of Tiwanaku, her team of graduate students breeched a new room and all hell broke loose. Lara was the only one to return to the surface, where the team's structural engineer, Anaya Imanu, listened in horror to Lara's story of how a malevolent entity of some kind slaughtered everyone in the tomb, except for Lara and Amanda. But as the two tried to escape, Amanda set off a trap that sealed the room, brought down the roof, and she drowned.

Anaya Imanu

Anaya is a civil engineer working in impoverished areas of South America. She's an old friend of Lara's dating back to their days at university, and she was with Lara during the tragedy near Segou. She has since led a distinguished career of her own, routinely crossing paths with Lara.

James W. Rutland Jr.

James Rutland Jr. grew up in a bubble of enormous wealth and privelege. He went to West Point and managed to draguate on his own merits, barely. As hard as it was he's glad for it, because it gave him a sense of self-discipline and strength that he finds useful now that he's free of the military. He's a charismatic man accustomed to getting whatever he wants; however, this time the object of his desire is also sought by Lara Croft.

Toru Nishimura

Toru Nishimura was once a daring investigative reporter who has crossed paths with Lara more than once on dangerous investigations. He's now a wealthy mogul, good-humoured and comfortable, but he stil has a taste for adventure and risk, and he is always glad to see Lara whenever her latest adventure brings her to town. He's a little more cautious now, though - he's got responsibilities and obligations, some of them a bit unsavory - and as such, he needs to have good relations with the Japanese mafia.

Shogo Takamoto

Shogo Takamoto is a Yakuza Kamicho (boss) who loves ancient weapons. In addition to being a powerful figure in the Japanese mob, he also became a fixture in the antiquities undergroud, frustrating collectors and adventures alike by mixing forgeries with authentic items. Despire his untrustworthy reputation, he continues to be a player due to his ability to ferret out what people really want and dangle it before them, such that their desires overpower their better judgement. His most recent encounter with Lara left a very bad taste in his mouth, but he has been unwilling to risk seeking revenge, because the likely failure of the attempt would mean an enormous loss of face.

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